Central America deserves more campaigns

But that is just units, only affects gameplay. Historical facts are for the most part correct. However, in the vanilla aoe3 campaign it’s different.
In the first campaign you start during the Great Siege of Malta (1565) and in a later mission you have to protect an Aztec town until an Aztec army from Tenochtitlan arrives, despite being conquered by the Spanish on 1521.
In the third campaign you have to defend US railroads from Mexican attacks, but you later helped Bolivar against the Spanish. Railroads were not build in South West USA until the 1860s, but Bolivar’s campaign took place in the 1810s-early 1820s

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That’s true… would add the Russian troops of the second campaign, which is supposed to be set in 1756 (Seven Years’ War), when the Russians only arrived in America in the 1790s…