Certain hotkeys

Hello guys i have 2 questions.

  1. Can’t remember the hotkey that would hide all the units and like buildings on the map and just show where the resources are at after the map was revelated. Sometimes there is alot of population and buildings in one area and I can’t find where my resources are at and i think there was a key just to view that on the map and it shuts off the rest of the population and buildings.

  2. Is there a way we can custom all current hotkeys that is setup and save it ? If so, how ?


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Hi @ChoosingWeb4129, To answer your questions…

  1. The minimap currently has no filter features like previous Age games. With the winter update coming this week there will be changes to improve the readability of the minimap. More info on the winter update here: Age of Empires IV Winter Update Coming Next Week - Age of Empires
  2. The customization of hotkeys is limited by the grid system in game currently. The recently roadmap shows that fully customizable hotkeys coming in spring 2022 and beyond. You can read more about the Age of Empires IV development roadmap here: What’s Next for Age of Empires IV? - Age of Empires
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