Certain UTs should broadcast when they're researched

The upcoming change to Royal Heirs, as well as the Chieftains tech, are sneaky in that the enemy doesn’t know if you researched them. If you have, and they pick a fight, they likely won’t realize it until it’s too late that you’re stomping them. Not exactly fun.

When the Huns research Atheism, it’s broadcast to everyone that their Relic/Wonder victories will take longer. I feel the same thing could be done for Chieftains, Royal Heirs, and any future UT’s that could be similarly sneaky. Yes, this would ruin the element of surprise, but I think the enemy should be informed if their cavalry are going to end up getting curb-stomped.

Alternatively, maybe the affected units could get an altered model so your enemy can see if you have the tech, but without broadcasting it to everyone. Or perhaps there could be something in the UI like tooltips that show up if the unit has the tech researched.

Agree or disagree?


I hate the idea of being pinged for random upgrades. Imagine an 8 player game where you randomly get a ping every few minutes for techs.

You have never been able to see ballistics, murder holes, squires, arson, husbandry, faith, heresy, fervour, atonement, redemption, theocracy, or thumb ring. You learn if they have those techs when you get attacked by them or in faiths case, defended by them, or maybe it was just a long conversion, better try it again.


The issue is that Chieftains and the upcoming Royal Heirs are very impactful in how they alter the match-ups.

So are all the techs I just listed, Thumb ring at long range can be almost 50% more damage for a cav archer, your opponent got faith or heresy, now all your monks are useless. Your opponent has ballistics, now their war galley won’t miss your demo ships anymore, hope you didn’t build too many of those. You want to catch your opponents knights with your camels, they have husbandry, now they are faster and can run away.


Kasbah for your team


Agree there should be a way to tell from the unit card. Maybe there could just be the simbol of a crown on the unit card, either silver or Gold, to represent if the unit is affected by a Castle/Imperial Age unique tech

That would be very nice.

It would be nice and thematic, I like it. Chieftains could be like, “Viking chiefs raid your coasts. Fear me!”, just something fun 11

but to be fair, atheism affects YOU immediately even if you never see hunnic units so its a lot more justifiable - it is a very confusing to have your wonder victory change.

I disagree… I think players should have the less information about what is the opponent doing out-of in-game scouting.
Remove scores, remove techs’ alerts… Even remove the Age up alert too.

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The only cases where it should be broadcast is if it has a direct impact on the player. The Hunnic Atheism tech, that makes relics and wonder victory longer for example.

Techs that affect allies, Cuman Mercenaries, should send a message to allies, to tell them they have access to Kipchaks. But if an UT does not directly impact a player, no matter how strong the buff is for the enemy, no message should be sent.

After all, you wouldn’t get a notification when the Franks research the paladin or the Ethiopians get the siege onager.