Challenges are too easy!

Hey guys I made a post about this in the past but it didn’t get much traction. Challenges are way to easy to complete! I understand if they need easy ones for the new players, but can’t they reserve the last two challenges to be some what difficult? It’s called a challenge isn’t it!? It’d be fun if there was always one hard icon to earn so you can have some pride in showing it off once you’ve completed it and have a reason to earn it. What do you guys think?

considering challenges are a 1-time thing (for each event), if someone becomes really good at the game, they still won’t be able to unlock previous challenges. I see where your coming from but in my opinion, challenges are already super limiting,

Well that’s a separate discussion: Should challenges always be available? That’s actually not a bad idea, but not what I’m talking about. For now I’d like if they added a few hard challenges each event with a cool icon. They’re always way too easy, it’s boring. I like a GOOD CHALLENGE. I’m competitive :slight_smile:


would be a start to make it so you can’t get them all in 1 second with a custom scenario you make or dm start 11

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I think it comes down to what someone considers challenging. When the AI event happened i found beat the hardest AI difficult. I do not feel that way now. For the last event what would you have added as a difficult challenges?

The AI event was the first event that had some descent challenges, but even those were kind of easy. You could have just put the settings to death match and just spammed the ai with units to win pretty easliey. So I did that to beat the extreme ai. Wasn’t very hard took me 5-10 minutes. But it was at least something that’s why I said that event was close, but still not quite there.

I’ll give you an example of what they could have done in the last event. How about when you have to win as the franks, burgundians, or malians you have to win with them on ranked mode. Just to spice it up a little. Like make it a little hard for some people. That’s not even too hard. At the very least make it so you can’t earn it against the ai so maybe it has to be in a balanced unranked game, but even that could lead to just people instant quitting to help a friend earn it without doing it.

The last challenge was play regicide and earn the queen mod. I started a game against the ai and quit after 10 seconds and still earned the icon. It should have been you have to win a regicide game in a 1v1 or a balanced team game on unranked against an actual openents not an ai.

How about when you have to make Gbeto you have to make 100 In a ranked match. Instead of just 20 against the ai or who ever. Wouldn’t you be happy showing off that you earned that?

Ok I think I understand what your thinking here. Kinda like the steam trophies. There will always be a way to cheese them but you want it to seem like more effort. I didn’t even think of cheating the AI for these.

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Did you play the barbarossa brawl? That was hard. Just wait for another scenario based event.

Yeah you’re right that was pretty hard. But there wasn’t any icons to earn for surviving a certain amount of time.
It would have been cool to have a reward.

There was one game mode like that where I believe you could earn icons for how many points you scored. I can’t remember which one that was off that top of my head. I remember thinking that was really cool and that they should implement that more.

Challenges are meant to be easy. It needs to be something done quick, so you come back to the game day after day after day and continu playing the game after being done with the challenges. That is the main focus of the challenges for the devs. It much be something quick and easy. Doable for everyone. Just to get the crappy rewards, so you stay with the game.

I dont like the system either. Most rewards are crap, so they are no reason for me to do all challenges at all.

There was an icon reward, the Teutonic knights in a siege tower after you amassed atleast 20k+ plus points if i recall properly.

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According to you they’re meant to be easy. I think they should be a bit more challenging. If you want some easy ones fine. How about just leave the last one or two challenges to be some what difficult so higher level players can enjoy earning them

That’s very cool. I’d like to see them do this more often instead of being able to earn an icon in 10 seconds against the ai

Yes exactly like steam achievements, but built into the game so we can use those icons in game

No, i think according the devs they need to be easy. They seem to be meant as some easy stuff to get the player addicted to the game. These challenges are based on ‘Fear of missing out’ (FOMO). They needed some reason for players to stay at the game, because if they take a break, they are missing some awards for doing the challenges. This is the general idea behind these easy task with small awards in every game. For that reason i am pretty sure they wont really change in the future.

My own opinion is something different: I think the current challenges are pretty stupid. You can cheese most of them pretty easily. Personally i dont care about the challenges at all. The rewards are pretty much useless in my opinion and the challenges itself (in its current form) are pretty much boring and easy to cheese. There is no fun at all in playing the challenges.

You’re making my point. You said the challenges are too easy and boring. Wouldn’t they be more fun if they were a bit more difficult? Let’s leave a few easy one’s for the newer players and reserve that last couple to be a bit more difficult. And maybe you don’t like the rewards but I think with the right challenges they can be fun to earn.

Wouldn’t it be cool to finish a hard challenge and then earn a cool icon you can show off? That would give the rewards a purpose.

And what about the players who are already addicted? Like myself. I get your point they need a few easy challenges to reel people in, but they shouldn’t neglect the veterans who get a kick out of a good challenge.