Chamber of Commerce doesn't produce free traders for eco techs researched before the landmark is built

If you research forestry, wheelbarrow, or survival techniques in the dark age before completing the Chamber of Commerce, the free trader won’t be created after aging up. I experienced this playing as French, not sure if it also exists for JS. Researching these techs after the chamber has been built awards the traders as expected.

I saw a related post claiming if all 3 techs are researched, it only skips the first trader (so 3 tech researched, 2 traders produced). I haven’t tested this, since I usually only go for 1 dark age tech at most.

i think this bug affects Jeanne d’Arc as well.

This is correct. No matter what order you research the 3 dark age technologies, the first one will always not produce a trader in the Feudal Age but the other two will