Chamber of Commerce vs School of Cavalry

What do you people pick? I really itch for that free trader for every economic upgrade. But the early aggression of RK beats me up to School of Cavalry everytime…

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I think it depends on the map and depends on the civilization you play against, although trade is always risky.

I would say the favorite is the School of Cavalry, but the other Landmark can also be used at certain times.

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long term games CC is the obvious choice, SC for rush/short games. But the medium-leght type of games is what creates the dilemma.

build CC, build a market, one for Gold and the other one for Food, hmmmmmmmm

Consider that against civilizations that go a lot to 2nd TC or know that the player plays boom, you can decide the Landmark CoC while u are pushing.

P.S: You can build SoC and build one market in the corner too xD.

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true. Just played a 3v3 and ### really did not help me ahah

I usually pick School of Cavalry. I find it more fun.

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Chamber of Commerce is just bad as it is. You are telegraphing your strategy, french has no deffensive bonus and you are loosing out on your early aggression. Plus school of cavalry scales better the more stables you get.

If you really wanna trade its just more worth it to build a market on the side and trade that way while using the school of cavalry for tempo and agression.

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