Change Conquest win condition

Hello, I want to discuss to change to Conquest win condition.

The main problem I see with the nowdays Conquest is that promote unnecessary stretched matches and toxic behaviours (hide vils).
Secondary problems are the lack of a clear objetive to win could lead to messy games, and semantically, what we have now as a win condition is more an extermination than that a conquest (obviusly a minor issue, I just mention it)

So, I propose a couple of ideas:
First, keep the nowdays “Conquest” win condition but just as an option for lobby games, and change the name to Extermination or Annihilation.
Second, replace conquest win condition with something more ########## in a “normal” game. Here are my ideas:

  1. By TCs: This mean, when a player lose all his TCs a countdown starts. When the time is gome the match ends. But the countdown is cumulative, this mean that any second with no TC is draining from the player timer.
  2. By Population: This mean, when the population diference drops below a certain percentage then, the countdown starts. This is cumulative too.
    In example, Lets say that 25% is the pop diff threshold. If a player has 100 pop and the other player has <25 pop and this difference persist for 5 minutes, then the match is over.
  3. By Landmarks: This work the same as 1) By TCs, but includes castles and military buildings.

Third, replace effect of Spies tech and make it researchable as many time as we want instead of unique use.
For option “1) By TCs”: it reveals the location of all enemy’s TCs. Just the location, non its LOS (just like vietnamese bonus). Its cost is fixed. Lets say 500 Gold
For option 2: It reveals the location of all enemy’s units for a couple of seconds. Just the location, non its LOS. Its cost is 10 gold per unit, but it has a cooldown of 5 minutes.
For Option 3: Same as “1” but including Castles and military buildings. Its cost is fixed. 1000 Gold.


Any victory condition limits gameplay. At a high level there is no problem with surrendering the game, most players surrender at the right time.

Something can be invented for low elo and toxic players, in theory. But I think this is far from a priority for developers.

You might consider the idea of winning on points. If your points are 2 times higher than your opponent’s, you automatically win. But under the condition of above 2000 points. For example the minimum number of points for auto win would be 4000/2000.

I agree that spies could be refined and made a more interesting technology. Right now it is only used to count the enemy’s villagers based on how much it costs.

Exactly what I’m proposing here. As you say… reasonable players just quit without toxic behaviour. So this idea is exactly for this dumb people.

Honestly, I don’t like it. Score can be inflated, leading to another toxic behaviour.

Exactly… and you only research it when the other player hide units… In a reasoable scenario you never use it, because is too expensive or the game finish before really worth it.

It seems that you have never experienced a match in which you are far behind your opponent at the early stages but at the end you are victorious.

I think the current win conditions are fine and they are widely used and accepted by players since aoe1. Change them might cause balance issues so I think it’s better to leave them alone.

IMO, what you suggested are not necessary for the game. For example, the player is pretty much already lost if he can’t build a TC or his population fall below 25 in late game. All you need to do is research spy and chase him down. If you can’t defeat him, it means you don’t deserve to win, so the system shouldn’t let you win either

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Honestly they should just make standard the “standard” win condition for ranked games. After all it is called “standard” for a reason and it does give a few different win conditions than just wipe out your enemy and allows for a few different strategies which I think allows for more game variety and makes things more interesting and it gives things like Wonders an actual purpose in the game. I mean just imagine the devs went through all this trouble of designing these amazing wonders for each civ and giving them destruction animation and all that and we never even see these buildings in a normal game. Its a travesty!

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What’s wrong with the name “conquest”? I don’t see any reason to change it.

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