Change Hussite Wagen Concept

In Reality, Hussite Wagons were not at all moving during combat, but were doing a Wagenburg and protecting units behind, They wouldnt even shoot themselves.

Please make a unit that severs this. Decrease attack to maybe 0, decrease speed to half of what it is now, and increase life significantly, something like 2000, or maybe 800 but very strong armor against distance weapons. Thus people would start to really apply the “wagenburg tactic”.

how about leaving it as it is?

Hussite wagons did indeed have people inside shooting crossbows or guns out through the holes.

Yes people could sit inside, but not permanent

People could ride a horse, but not permanent.


They are really slow, they are slower than elephants; maybe that stat reflects what you say.

are you going to tell me medieval siege weapons didn’t move on their own either?!

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We also need a proper Wagenburg-formation.
Via a click they should automatically form a circle, with ranged units in the midst. This would add another fascinating tactical layer to aoe2.

Box formation does that…


it should be without holes

Then they become more situational units than War Elephants and Missionaries.

They become slower and therefore more difficult to micro. And more quantity is needed to play a theoretical role, because obviously no matter the current Box Formation or the circle you suggested, 3 Wagons cannot protect 20 Crossbowmen without holes. Since Wagons have high health and don’t attack, people will just ignore them and click on the units behind them to attack. If I have to train a lot of Wagons to actually have the effect of keeping my Crossbowmen protected, then why don’t I simply train more Crossbowmen instead?


I really dislike the new version as it is just a stronger OG. I’ll revert their secondary projectile damage mechanism. Deals a flat 2 damage instead of 4 - Pierce Armor.

The TO is clearly a bit over the top.
But I generallly support the idea of leaning more into the “support” role of the Hussite Wagons.
I think it’s a cool concept and it would fit Bohemians really well as they are actually otherwise quite vulnerable to Ranged units, both archery and Siege - until they get Houfnice out.

But most games outside the very closed maps don’t really reach that state.

So I would totally support making HW “life monsters” with very little offensive power that is basically only there to protect the vulnerable Bohemian units against ranged attacks.
And in this turn I can also see HW becoming completely immune to conversion. I mean, they don’t have any soul, no? How they can get converted?


That could be said about buildings siege weapons and ships too.

Ok then make Monks required to stand right next to them like with buildings and rams.

I really like this. This would give a nice dimension to the game.

Do the developers read this forum?

The problem is that may not be how the game works. People can micro, so the units behind the wagons will still get fired by arrows, and the melee units can still touch the units once you don’t have enough number of the wagons to surround the units perfectly.

A idea I just comes up with is to make the wagons not only reduce the damage of enemy projectiles passing through them, but also slightly increase the attack power of the friendly projectiles passing through them. In this way, you don’t have to hold too many wagons for the advantage.

I mean even if the micro, the attack-power will still be reduced by the husite wagen, that is how it should work.

Also, i think there should be maybe high hitpoints for the hussite, but also the following:

once the hussite wagon is “dead”, it cannot be used or moved anymore, but it still holds for e.g. 1 minute game time as a protection device at its current position. So if the enemy wants to break in, it is not so easy, because there is no hole, as long as the Wagenburg doesnt move to another spot (than the “dead” wagon will stay where it is).

There’s a mod that adds people on the back of the mangonel and scorpion lines, it’s pretty cool!

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The best way to reflect their usage in real life would be to give them a pack/unpack mechanic like the trebuchet.
In unpacked state they are more durable (don’t just evaporate from Onager shots) but obviously can’t move anymore.
Their hitbox should get larger when they are unpacked to so you can use them to block enemy melee units.