Change in Focus Captial Town Center Behavior

Prior to season 5 using the Focus on Capital Town Center hotkey would not change your selection if it included the capital town center. This mean you could put “Select All Town Centers” onto 1 hotkey then “Focus Captial Town Center” on double press of that hotkey and have a convenient way to manage your town centers.

New Behavior is that pressing “Focus on Capital Town Center” will change your selection to the capital town center ONLY unless you are already camera centered on the town center and your selection include the town center.

This means with the above setup if you hit the hotkey twice (Once for Select All, once for Focus) you will only have the capital town center focused. If you hit the hotkey twice more without moving the camera you will have all your town centers selected.

This behavior is both confusing, as it’s inconsistent, and worse than the old behavior that provided a good way to manage your town centers without having to manually add them to a control group.

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Please fix this devs. Couldn’t ask for a better description