Change Inca's housing bonus to team bonus and remove the non-sense farming bonus

“Farms build 50% faster” … easily the most useless bonus in the game that barely helps in most cases. While sometimes being harmful (when u accidentally build a farm and try to cancel it, u lose more wood)

Here are some examples to replace it

  • Houses +5 (a bit similar to slav bonus)
  • Villagers +1 LOS
  • Castles +20% hitpoints
  • Castles built 50% faster
  • Towers built 50% faster
  • Towers +LOS (already taken by Ethiopians, but would make more sense here)
  • Eagles +2 LOS (in contrast with Mongols bonus)
  • Eagles produced 50% faster
  • Eagles +2 attack vs buildings
  • Eagles +1 attack vs archers

Or basically anything would make more sense than the current one


some of these are huge, some are negligible… i think you need to decide if they need a big buff or not before making a suggestion? otherwise i could literally just make a list of “things” and say "here’s a suggestion, pick one… " for every single thing i think is wrong in the game

i agree inca team bonus is garbage. but 50% faster trained eagles is absolutely mind blowingly OP… i cant believe you put it in the same list as vils or twrs + LOS…


Which is what I prefer most among your suggestion. But, honestly i dont think Incas really need buff.

Overlap with Koreans bonus

Too OP, overlap with Spanish Bonus. Spanish builder with Inca teammate. Oh man…

Another buff to Incas tower? OMG…

Only affected to 3civ among 35 civ. Make no sense for team bonus.
Also second one is OP for Feudal and Castle age.

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It’s for sure one the weakest, at least it has to be 80% faster.

Right now the only use I see for this one is with a Slav ally, who have great farms eco and have to reseed them more frequently. And Slav Bonus have a good emphasis with the house bonus of Incas.

I won’t mind if they change the bonus to be honest, but a eagle team bonus make no sense. (just 2 other civ concern).
Keep in mind that it’s not easy balancing team bonus, cause there are lot of thing to consider

And yea, Incas are pretty well balance for now so…

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They could possibly add “mills work 50% faster” to the current team bonus, which means that farm techs are researched faster as well.

Building a farm right after clicking Horse collar currently gives Incas a disadvantage, because the farm is completed before Horse collar kicks in. Adding the mill bonus would fix that.

I oppose a big team bonus and especially Meso-only team bonuses.


I like this one. If anything it would smooth out the awkward animal > horse collar farm transition because of the faster building farms, and I don’t see how it could be broken.


What I meant was houses = 10 pop (+5) … its not a buff its just moved to a team bonus rather than a civ bonus

I knew some civ had this I just didn’t remember which one, I still think this would stack nicely with the Inca’s forwarding style of play

one way to adjust the team bonus is to make the farm smaller,

farms are 3x3 tiles, now imagine the bonus made farms 33% smaller, so 2x2

this would mean u can fit more farms close to your tc , means less walking around in the farm so gather rate increases slightly, and makes it easier to protect vills by decreasing the garrison distance from the tc

although i admit changing the layout of the farms might be a bit out there but this is just a thought

I actually like the eagle team bonus ideas.
Currently I don’t think you’d ever pick 2 eagle civs in a team game, and with an eagle team bonus you might. Some of the existing team bonuses are also extremely niche.
It would be tricky playing around the fact that Aztecs and Mayans are widely considered to be 2 of the most powerful civs, but I’m sure it could be done.

I mean it would be tricky to balance Incas such that they won’t always be dropped in favour of Aztecs.

This would be way way too powerful for a team bonus, but it could be used to buff a suitable weak civ.

I like the approach of changing the house bonus to be the team bonus.
Now they have the worst team bonus in the game. The house bonus would actually be quite decent as teambonus (but not OP).

They really do not need an early game bonus as they are already a good rushing civ.

I would introduce the upgrade to “elite slinger” instead ( giving slinger +1 attack and +5 HP ).
Still not as good as hand cannoneers but an interesting lategame option…

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its actually a very good eco bonus, especially early game and will likely snowball too much with civs like vikins or aztecs who already have amazing early games…

in feudal it saves 50w right out the gate and the vil time… and it just escalates from there onwards… there’s a reason inca dont get much of an eco bonus, and thats because they have such a nifty one hidden in the houses…

unless its an LOS buff it would make literally the 2 of the most powerful civs even stronger… yes it might not work for 3v3’s and up. but 2v2’s are going to be monstrous with any form of eagle buff to such powerful civs…


It would make sense to replace 50% farms built faster to 10 pop per house.


inca bonus is much stronger than vikings / japanese / malay bonus based on the completely asinine map pool

Not really, it’s too strong for a team bonus

I prefer no change in team bonus as Inca is pretty strong. If there will be a change, just keep the bonus as farm-related. Perhaps farm provide 1-2 population space. There should be no/very little change in overall strength of Incas. The team bonus is weak so the new team bonus should be weak.

A lot of people tried to come up with new ideas for incas team bonus for quite some time. I guess most agree that the current one is rather useless but since overall they are a good civ devs didn’t see a need to change them. I personally would like to see a replacement of their tb but please not one that is related to towers. Quick summary of some suggestions I remember from previous discussions: Mining/lumber camps are build faster - even more usless than current one because you save less res. Farms regenerate food (not generate food for your bank but slowly regenerate on-farm food) - too similar to farms last longer (Chinese/Mayans). Farms only occupy 2x2 tiles - sounded nice to me but some people raised concerns if that could actually implemented because farmers had to walk differently (and also might be too strong for a team bonus, pretty hard to judge without tesing it, imo).

hmmm, yeah probably true.

Castles +1 line of sight

Many people believe the Incas are well balanced for 1v1. (Although, admittedly, they are not often picked by pros. So, they are balanced for 1v1 for beginners and intermediates.)

For team games, it would be nice to simply swap the housing bonus and the farm bonus. That is, you and your team get the Inca house bonus, while you still get the worthless farm bonus.