Change Inca's housing bonus to team bonus and remove the non-sense farming bonus

They are picked in KoTD3 as well as they were for KoTD2 :smiley: More often in KotD3 played than Huns and almost as much as Britons :smiley:

You know how strong team bonuses are ?

+5 Pop in Houses is op
Villager LOS is Korean and a trushing bonus
Castles more hitpoints OP
Castles built faster Omega OP
same for towers
Eagles to narrow for just three civs.

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Why not just fast working markets? a non utilized bonus yet and it clearly makes them more valuable in TG

Faster working eco buildings was my idea, to remove Horse collar anomaly and have still faster building farms for the memes.

faster working market? as in its build faster or train trade carts and research faster?


if no civ have this, it wouldn’t be bad. but its more of a team bonus except guilds.

I would actually love to see incas eagle warrior attack 5% faster something like that, but not as a team bonus just as a civ bonus aside from the +1p armor

How about slinger/hand cannoner (I dont care if it also effects Janissaries) has +2 LoS? Not great not bad, just like other team bonuses.