Change something in Persian, India and Bohemian

Hi all,

Here are my conclusion of changes.

1, Add elite Steppe Lancer and elite battle elephant to Persian.
2, Change Persian architecture style just as Cuman and Tatar.
3, Change the Chinese translation of “Bohemian” as “波希米亚” and change Bohemian architecture style as the middle Europe just as Goths.

It is a strange phenomenon that Persian has war elephant but not battle elephant, which is not logically. Besides, ancient Persian has a large prairie, it should own elite Steppe Lancer. Another reason is that Age of empires 2 has no civic gotten the complete technology tree in the stable. I think Persian is the most suitable one. By the way, the building style currently used for Cuman and Tatar comes from Persian. I hope the architecture style of Persian should same as Tatar and Cuman.

Besides, battle elephant can be also added in India because India has a history of breeding elephants. Besides, India has no Bombard tower, which is not suit for the situation for India as a civic is good at gunpowder.

Next, Bohemian should change the translation. “波希米亚人” means people born in Bohemia but not become a formal translation as a civic. The actual translation is “波希米亚”. Besides, Bohemia is located in the middle part of Europe and its architecture style is closed to Goths and Teutons. So changing the architecture is necessary for the developers (DO NOT CHANGE CASTLE STYLE)

Thanks for reading and I hope changes will take place in the latest edition.


idk about the persian balance changes. i think turks need steppe lancer first. i agree indians need elephants but i feel persians are fine already. would be wierd for them to have battle eles and war eles. also persians are not steppe civs.

I can see his logic of full stable and persians being a cav civ

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I agree that Indians should get the battle elephant, it makes no sense to have only a ranged elephant option and not a melee option for such mighty beasts. Or maybe give trample damage to their elephant archers to also cause a lot of damage in melee in addition of having an archer shoot arrows. That would be closer from what I’d expect an elephant archer to do, the archer picking off targets at range while the elephant does his own things.

The Persian changes however… about the architecture I’m not sure, the Persians are based on the Sassanids (pre-islamic Persia) as seen in their wonder, but on the other hand they also cover later Persian dynasties like the Khwarezmians and their capital in Samarkand, that was the basis for the Central Asian architecture. That’s a tough call.

Giving them steppe lancers and war elephants however, it would clutter their tech tree.

  • Persians already have great hussars and paladins, the steppe lancer would feel like an underwhelming middle ground. This unit is typical of nomadic empires, and the Khwarezmians were famously overwhelmed by the mobility of the Mongols, so I don’t think they qualify. Plus, there would be no bonus or unique tech, as opposed to the Cumans (faster), Mongols (more hp) or Tatars (more armour), giving them the weakest steppe lancer.
  • As for the battle elephant, it would also be a middle ground between the paladin and the war elephant, but weaker since no unique tech or bonus would apply to them. Unless making them affected by mahouts which would make them the fastest elephants by far but thus coming closer from the knight line.
    So for both cases, I don’t think the Persians would need any of them.

That’s a problem that I think the Tatars also suffer from : too many similar units with no less than 5 melee cavalry options (hussard, steppe lancer, keshik, cavalier and camels). Although Persians have tankier options (paladins instead of cavaliers, and elephants), they would then have 6 melee cav options (hussars, steppe lancer, camels, paladins, battle elephant and war elephant).

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Visually though, I much prefer the Central Asian architecture set to the current Persian one though, so I would definitely support a change.

I agree with this. I think if Persians are to get a change, it should be to get Parthian tactics in Castle Age and possibly give it +1 range to cav archers, to reflect the Persians having some of their roots in the Parthian empire before it fell.

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