Change TC's Bell behaviour

I wonder if ringing the bell could just alert the vils in its LOS and being triggered only for the selected TC/'s


Considering how little it is used at higher levels, I don’t think that it really matters either way.

I think is little used exactly because how it works


Yeah, but still you mostly only want to garisson the vills from the Side of the TC that are in danger and Not all of the vills around a TC.

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This feature is already included, it’s called garrison, just do it manually same the pros. The town bell is good how it is right now, it is supposed to protect all villagers in view, not just the ones that are near the enemy. If you want just protect few vills use the garrison hotkey or Button.

But that’s not how the bell works. The bell sends all your villagers to the nearest TC, castle or tower. Not just the ones in view. It wouldn’t be that complicated to programme the town bell to send only villagers within X number of tiles from enemy units to the nearest TC.

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Change TC bell to only the first control group will garrison inside TC?

Let the pros play like pros, and give normal people a better game experience.

I think the whole point of it is that it’s like auto scout. It’s a low effort / apm action the player can perform that gives worse results than more manual intervention.

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I don’t think it sends all your villagers, I’ve had some woodcutters ignore it if they’re far enough away.

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They ignore it because the TC is full. Nothing to do with their distance from TC as far as I know.

I just tested the ring bell feature by creating a new scenario. The bell does not apply to all villagers in the map, but those relatively near (20-25 map units) to a garrison point.

That’s correct, and vills will enter in a building for protection that is able to take units, like towers castles or tcs that are in range. It is by far not and never was that all vills on the map walk away from far distances to look for protection, that’s why the feature is fine how it is, rest can do with garrison button.

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