Change the civilization in the historic battle of Lepanto

So in the battle of Lepanto, more than half of the fleet was made of venetian ships, another third was made of genoese ships, and even part of the spanish fleet came from south Italy.

Now I know that the command of the holy league was assigned to a spanish command, and I know that this is a old AoC campaign, but since the majority of the ship were from indipendent Italians states (and more…) I would think it would be more accurate to substitute the Spanish civ of the player with the italian civ in AoE2DE.

Also, italians vs turks is a more interesting match in my opinion, I mean, condos to counter janissarys, GC to counter their light cav and CA, they would actually have a decent bonus on water.

And for sure their UU would make more sense than conquistadors…