Change the Khmer farm bonus (solved)

I’m sorry if someone has already asked for it, I couldn’t find any topic here, but the Khmer farm bonus it’s too much. I mean, it’s more than just some help for a minor civilization, it makes almost impossible to fight against, and I’m not talking just for me, as you could see in the Red Bull Wololo even the Elite players can’t beat Khmer’s because with unlimited food you can have army all the time, even if they’re just hussars, who can be very annoying while you try to advance in the map spending at least two resources to fight.

Perhaps that bonus can be replaced with some food recollection bonus like the Slavs, or cheaper farms like Teutons, because today it isn’t a bonus, is almost a cheat.


The khmer farm bonus is literally weaker then the slavs farm bonus.

and I dont know where you get the idea that they have unlimited food. But it isn’t true.

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There was a thread expressing the same complaints as yours, but it was before the latest patch. If Khmer performed really good in the Red bull tournament, it’s normal as it was played without the new patch. Furthermore, other civs performed really well, like Lithuanian and Vikings, and Chinese even had to be banned (because they hadn’t the food penalty in Empire wars).

Technically it is a food collection bonus already. With the recent nerf it’s even more behind Slavs now and it’s maybe slightly behind Aztecs (either this or equal)

To fight Khmer, having monks + pikes for the eles is good. Now that they don’t have cannons anymore you can counter their scorpions and ballista eles with onagers. They can go arbs but skirms should do the trick then, especially since Khmer don’t have thumb ring.


Hy! I’m really sorry, I completely forgot the buff with the last patch :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the tips, I’ll close the thread.

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