Change the musics


I have age of empire gold edition (so i’ve buy the whole game, with extension there is nothing illegal)
But i would like to hear the music of age of empire1 instead.
the 10 first music from here

Do you know where i can download them ? in the good format, and which file i should replace in the directory?

@Tgaud Cant help you with the downloading source but to make them sound, I think you can replace their original file with the one you want to be listened, must be same format tho .

You could create a large .mp3 file containing the tracks and name it the same as the one used in the UPatch edition. I think I ended up getting the tracks from the playlist on YouTube, which has each individual track as a separate video. They are complete, unlike the ones in the compilation you posted, which has bits cut off - annoying lol

Or, source an original AoE CD which will have the Redbook audio; it’s basically .wav files.

but how do u get the track from youtube? and which playlist is good to you ?
And what type of extension should it be for the game to play it ? mp3 ? wav ? mid?

UPatch uses an mp3 file with all the Rise of Rome soundtrack in it. Not sure on non-upatch whether it plays anything other than MIDI.

I use a program called 4k video downloader for watching videos offline or if my internet is too slow to stream the higher res stuff (eg 4k). It can also save as mp3 an audio.

I think MS should make the original soundtrack available for download with the DE, especially for “classic” mode.

Here is a playlist with non cut-off versions of the soundtrack:

your link isnt a playlist but a single music

Go to YouTube and click the Mix on the right. A playlist it is. That track is just part of it

They are called M$ for a reason,
We’ll probably be able to buy & download all of the OST’s through Groove Music.