Change the visual of El Cid's final mission to night

Apparently, when this campaign was created, the game did not have visual aids to depict night. But now this opportunity exists, it is used in some campaigns.
According to the plot, in the final mission of El Cid it is NIGHT. For this reason, people probably do not see that he is dead. Why not make the look of this mission match the content?


I’ve thought the new features should be retroactively implemented over old campaigns to constantly aim to reach a “definitive edition”, even if there’s no really a specific point to reach.

Along these lines, I think it would be really nice to implement the night illumination to some of the classic campaign scenarios, where it could fit. It would improve immersion and help the storytelling.

For some reason I remember, from my childhood, that the first Moctezuma and the last Genghis Khan missions were somehow darker than the rest. I’d even say I remember them as being set in a night ambience. I know it’s just a distorded memory, tho.
But I’ve used some of the nights mod out there to make this memory live and it looks really good, and certainly help the storytelling.