Change unit behaviour - auto aggressive and defensive

So this one is a simple one, except for Trebuchets.

We have an option to tell the game what default stance we want from a newly created unit - aggressive or defensive. All of us agree that this is a personal choice. But there are cases, when this ceases to be a personal choice.

Whatever option you choose, Scorpions and Heavy Scorpions are always created in an Aggressive stance. This is really annoying since as a siege unit, moreover, which also needs to be massed, I don’t want my scorpions to run away while my army of 50 Paladins is waiting for my orders.

All other siege units (except Trebuchets of course and Ballista Elephants, which are cavalry) are always created in defensive stance (I don’t remember exactly though, so I maybe wrong).

Rams are always created in defensive stats. This one is kind of boring. Make it always aggressive. The reason is if I am attacking a building, and it destroys it, it remains idle unless it is attacked. It is not acheiving anything by that. Better be in offesnive to atleast do something when player is not focusing on rams.


Sounds like good ideas. I don’t think it would be problematic with trebs, they can only be agressive or passive and why would you choose the latter? They can remain always agressive.

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Technically for Trebs, their stand ground, defensive and aggressive are all the same.

Add an option for stand ground as well

Very useful for archers