Changement du graphique de l'unité bombe

Bonjour, j’ai juste une idée. Que pensez-vous qu’à la place qu’il y ait la bombe qui attaque et meure, il y ait une bombe qui place sa charge (par exemple sur un château, on le voit graphiquement) et après court vers l’arrière et disparaît, la bombe placée ayant explosé ?

Not sure what you meant… For some reason you are posting in french, not english. And after using the translating function, it is still unclear what you meant.

Can you explain your idea clearly in english?

If I got it right, it’s a request for bombard attacks look like AoE 3, not exploding at the target, but going on and on and on

I think he means he would like to see the petard to drop his bomb and run away then disappear instead of basically commiting suicide.

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That’s it. —————————————

I guess what he meant was that instead of the bomb “ball” from the bombard cannon hitting the target (e.g. a castle), exploding and disappearing, he wants the bomb “ball” to hit the castle and run / fall from the target as it should be (similar as in AoE3)