Changes i would make

Here is is a list what i would like to see ingame, discuss/add stuff in the comments:


  • Stone Walls Age 3 building.

  • Siege should do friendly fire, perhaps at reduced rate, but they should.

    • Mangonel friendly fire
  • A new unit for a faction where cavalry knights only have swords.

  • scout no-attack passive mode.

    • It will stay near its group but not run to attack.


  • coat of arms on coats/shields/buildings…

  • primary/secondary preferred colors from settings menu.

    • AKA auto-picker.
  • Ability to merge wood/stone walls (same system as now but you just delete a section if it breaks).

  • ability to integrate houses alongside walls.

  • rotate buildings.

  • Rework some buildings so you can partially walk across them.


  • A MOBA mode inbetween DOTA2/LOL with realistic units that inhibit a low fantasy universe (fast attacks), mixed in with high fantasy(not based on mythology) magic units (slow AOE mana attacks that burn trees and stuff.)

I think I uploaded a thread (without much success xD) where I gave abilities to the units. Most of your ideas are good. Keep it up.

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