Changes in the god powers meta

The god powers are among the many attractions of the game, so they could be shined more:
Option 1:
As you move into the mythic age, god powers are renewed:
Only if they were already used: ex. bolt, vision, etc., in case of powers that can be cast more times, they recover 50% of this.
The powers that give captured buildings are not renewed.
Similar to the shipments of age 3, being able to renew some of them when passing to the last age.

Option 2:
Being able to request the powers of the gods again from the temple, but at the cost of favor and gold. The more a power is requested, the more expensive it becomes. The powers that grant unique buildings can only be requested once more at most.

Might be good for some god powers but not others. Having access to lots of Earthquake powers would just be OP as heck. Option 2 is better frankly.

How about God Powers can be bough again in the next Age.
That means all Mythical Age god powers are just 1 time use.
Also the delay by one game means you can’t use it again that quickly and when you use it again it’s already less powerful.

I think the opposit, you can balance all god power by how long it take to recover it, having acces to earthquake minute 15 (when you hit mythic age) and minute 25, don’t seem op to me.

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