Changes that Spain needs


  • Soldado” replaces “musketer” in all places.

  • States” and “Mills” replaced by “Haciendas


Now in addition to what it already did, “conquistador replaces dragon in stables allowing their creation in age 2” too

Viceroyalty of new spain:
Only deliver ONE “hacienda Wagon” (down from 2) and allow to train “soldados” in them.

  • Objetive of this changes

The objetive of this change would be that “soldados” and “haciendas” were a mechanic integrated into the functioning of Spain (like for example banks with Holland) and not a isolated mechanic that is unblock with a card and only works while two buildings (that cannot be substituted) are in game.

  • The haciendas are bassed in Spain, not only in mexico.

  • Mexican soldier is bassed in spanish infantry s.XVII-XVIII


[spain becomes mexico]


The only point I agree with is that the conquistador should be base roster instead of dragoon, but without cards. However, this would mean we’d have to find another unit who could fit the jesuit mission.


I like this idea, especially since it would greatly improve the Spanish revolutions, but let’s be honest, the developers will never make this change. :slightly_frowning_face:

Below I leave my opinion on this proposal. :neutral_face:

Considering the price of the Soldado, I think it would be better if it was the replacement for the Grenadier. (The Soldado should not be affected by the peninsular guerrilla card)

PS: with this change, Peru will be able to have a unique and much more usable Soldado. (Peruvian Guard)

I think that Spain could have haciendas, but in exchange for being much less useful than the Mexican ones, for example, it should not be able to receive military shipments and produce units. (if we use a revolution they could gain unique features or some bonus)

Example, With Peru the haciendas could produce alpacas, llamas and revolutionaries. (Alpacas assigned to a hacienda could produce gold at the same rate as a villager)

I personally would limit Spain so that it can only create 4 Haciendas, the Viceroyalty of new spain card would only increase the limit by +2 and allow them to produce villagers and cows.

PS: It would also alter the wonder year effect a bit, in addition to doing exactly the same thing as now, it also permanently improves your economy by 10%. (yes like the economic theory card)

I prefer that the developers give the Spanish a third age card that allows us to replace the dragon with the conquistador and also enable us the Jesuit technologies at the arsenal.

I know that many would think that this would make Spain become Mexico, but I think that the Mexican civilization has so many uses and so much versatility with the haciendas that the comparison would be absurd, also with these changes the revolutions of Spain could become an alternative to the fifth age.

But this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


But OP is kinda right, mexican haciendas were built after Andalusian ones.

I would keep haciendas, ofc less powerfull as mexican ones that get boosts with several cards. Not soldados by default.


No. Spain becomes more similar to México but this two civs should be practically the same one.

México remains being too different from Spain

Not neccesary. See germans for example, they can unlock a native unit that remplace “their dragon”

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Soldados should have never been these super powered muskets.


Spanish soldado is already nerfed.

Spain is perfectly fine as it is. Before July Patch, I feel that it was the gold standard of balance. Not sure with the new church shipments tbh.

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Right now haciendas and soldado’s strategys are dead


I love these ideas.

Don Quixote is now relieved

This “conquistador” unit is already kind of a meme and/or reference to aoe2, so I don’t know if this should be the done. Maybe it would be better as something similar to the ancient regime card for the French, i.e., send an embassy wagon for the Jesuits.

As we already said in the other thread, the Spanish should also have a card to replace their crossbowmen for a new arquebusier unit.

As you said, Mexico is already quite a distinct civ, but they could also be given new stuff as compensation.
And yes, there are still some revolutions that should be tweaked and be an actual alternative to age V.


No. The Hacienda+Soldado strategy is now a slight trade-off, and not a braindead strat.
Now, you have to understand and see whether you want the map and take risks, or if you want a more defensive playstyle by creating free units from a building that you can put in the back of your base.

And the risky strat now yields a slightly better outcome than the Hacienda one. As it should

You can still play the strat if your opponent is the heavy raid type.

As for training Conquistadors in age 2, the card is already absolutely insane. If you go for an extended age 2 with archaic units and max out the card, it is equivalent to 1600 res (age IV shipment) in age 2.

I will say it again : not every shipment needs to be good in every situation. You need to make this situation happen. Why don’t we all strategize for it, given we’re in a RTS game ? :smiley:


Right now has no sense to upload spanish soldado if you cant create more when haciendas are destroyed.

That was the point of my suggestion


You are playing a defensive strategy, it is normal that you loose if you fail at defending your critical infrastructure.

To illustrate my point, let me show you something :
Imagine you have access to the Soldado in the barracks as Spain

To get the same level of in-base gathering and training as haciendados, how much infrastructure and villagers would you need ?
Well, you need an estate (600w), a mill (400w), and enough to train a unit that costs 90f 80c
You would need 380s + train time for a villager to gather this much res from in-base infrastructure (not mines and hunt because they run out, as opposed to haciendas)

This gets worse with more villager, but 20 villagers gather these res in 20 times less, so 19s.
This makes the hacienda much, MUCH better at creating soldados than an normal eco (without upgrades).
Yes, even after nerfs.

It is normal that you loose this ability if you loose the haciendas, given these rates.


I know that, but as I said, he souldn’t be unlockable but default.

They wouldnt be unlocked by default. They only would be unlocked with an especific strategy based in early push of arcaic units.

Without this strategy the card wouldnt be worth.

Reconquista would still work though. Tell me how having the conquistador as a base unit would make reconquista unviable?

Yes, I didnt think about that. There are other cards that allow to create “dragons” in second age that dodnt give more bonus

Probably would be neccesary to re-balance the card

Due to the characteristics of the civilization, the soldier in the Spanish civilization does not seem very compatible to me, it could also be powerful in damage at age 2 with anointment, in that case the rodelero should assume a better role than the musk.

Conqueror does not cost population to be able to do it naturally, it would be to do more OVER POP, which is wrong, but the alliance letters with the royal house of France and Germany should not cost population to be equal, for me it should cost population if it is trainable