Changes to ethiopians

  1. move india to second since the indian pass is useless in 3 since most of the games are already over
    They lengthened and there are better passing options. I think he should move to second where he can be given more
    I use the Indian market than in 3 since when you go to 3 there will be few resources on the map, and thus be able to use the
    improvements of the monastery there is one that gives you a villager for each shipment this would help the Ethiopian a bit since
    it always falls behind in villagers and that improvement in 3 is useless because at that time they had already been sent already
    several shipments, I’m probably thinking about the idea that the flail elephants and elephants give them in second
    siege in 3 but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to give them those.

2)Move Sudanese to third.

  1. give them a shipment of 4 oromos.

  2. removing the charged blow from the oromo would remove it because that makes the oromo clumsy and takes time since
    The best of the Oromo is the melee attack.

  3. team trade empire (team tp) remove 33% life and pass it to 1 age because the Ethiopians do not have team cards
    This could cover the lack of equipment cards for the Ethiopians.

  4. The improvements to the barn must be cheap because the Ethiopians have very few economic cards, the truth is
    is that the improvements are very expensive for what they give there is one that costs 800 wood and gives a 15% collection already
    Be it food or gold, they are very expensive. I say that alte game the Ethiopian falls short when talking about the economy.

  5. give them a foundation to make artillery either it costs 300 influence or wood to build it
    because to make the fort you need like 400 influence oh 400 resources to make the fort
    plus the 300 influence to do the upgrade that allows you to do artillery and still do the artillery
    i think that takes a long time to do oh just give them siege elephants with the india pass
    either exchange an elephant for the siege one.

  6. Make the first cow, the one with 300 food, collect quickly so you can take out the first villager since it takes as
    11 seconds to put it in queue plus the creation time you are already behind since the Ethiopian always lags behind in villagers