Changes to the Siege Tower ideas?

What changes would you make to the siege tower. Because it’s currently near useless, unless on a map like Arena perhaps.

Perhaps give it a very slow, low damage fire rate of one arrow every 10 seconds. Make it move slowly, but have much more armor and HP. 600 HP, strong pierce armor, but weak to melee damage.

Make it cheaper. They are almost as expensive as a trebuchet. (exactly the same as a portuguese one)

Yeah, but this is not enough.
Siege tower practicly dont have use, only on Arena, and even there is rather situational. Need more than just price reduction.
My propositions:

  1. Make Siege Tower trash unit - Trash siege almost usless as siege normally, but usefull in very late game as cheap Ram Substitute for tanking arrows.
  2. Make them fire arrow when garrisoned with archers. Fire output should be smaller than from Archers alone, trading DPS for Archers safety. Can have slight bonus against buildings. Teuton Siege Tower can benefit from Crenelations (not range, just Infantry can fire)

I think they did fire arrow when first introduced in African kindom I believe. It was later that siege tower’s role changed to wall-traveling. I wasn’t in the game then so I didn’t know how strong or how weak it was back in the day.

Just removing the gold cost… From my point of view, is like transport ship costing gold… Because is siege tower is almost a transport ship in land, right?


I agree make it a lot cheaper and available in feudal. You aren’t going to want to use it much in castle as you have rams and petard. You could use in feudal to sneak a few units over a walled enemy to slow them down or more in arena and fortress

I disagree. Siege tower is a “counter” for stone walls. For palisade MAA do it well. THe main strong of Siege tower is the surpraise factor. When you see it, enemy troops are already in your base. The problem with siege tower are, in my opinion, its high cost, TT, and the fact that is really usefull for infantry. Knights can’t use it, and archers fight better outside the walls where are safe… in most of cases of course

Perhaps make other siege can garrison in it such that it can transport siege at a higher speed?

ahh the old car in an escalator routine

this will go well.

Just make it so that garrisoned archer and villagers shoot arrows.

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