Changing American Units

as in the patch notes “We plan to make a number of changes to various United States cards and units in a future update.” Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Update 38254 – Age of Empires

I hope this means that units such sharpshooters and carbine cavalry have their delay removed. there is a strong correlation between user satisfaction, unit responsiveness, and fun. as long as these units stay unwieldy and unresponsive in the name of some dubious argument such as balance or strategy over micro, these units wont see play compared to units that are responsive and fun to use.

you can buff sharpshooters and carbine cavalry all you want but unless its to an extreme degree I would still rather utilize units that are fun to use. and that is the point of a video game, to have fun. not to artificially put barriers to that so that a unit can be more unique or be balanced differently.
Please Don’t add Attack Delay to the New Units - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

also infinite 1 gatling makes no sense. infinite 350 resources as an 3 shipment should not exist and is essentially an age 1 shipment. bring back infinite 2 gatlings and give them an appropriate cost or remove the card entirely. more cards could also use overhauls, i hope you give them a look at.