Changing the attack speed of powder units, and cav multiplier against villagers

Hello everyone, I was thinking in suggestions and want to share them with the community to see if there is echoes about it
Since historically muskets takes longer than bows to reload and had to stay in position while doing so
It could be a game-changer to make them even much more slower, a more micro kind of game if the powder units:

  • Deals A LOT more damage to infantry (3-shots-kill)

  • Takes longer to reload, and even more while moving (no more shoot and run all the time in early)

  • Gain better bonuses against cavalry in group formation (bayonet)

Skirmishers who usually use rifles that are more precise than muskets, but takes even longer to reload (American Revolution farmers for example) could feature;

  • Takes longer to reload than muskets (but they can shoot and run)

  • Huge counter to heavy infantry (almost 2-shots-kill)

Heavy Cavalry;

  • Deals and almost 3-hit-kill to villagers

In that way it would demand to keep them (villagers) even more close to buildings to garrison in case of attack (and therefore invest wood) so the game would get a little bit slower depending on the country

The bows;

  • Shoots faster than everyone else

  • Does almost 3-shots-kill to pikemen


  • Reload slower than the bows

  • Does almost 2-shots-kill to pikemen

While upgrading them, they get to shoot even faster

In age of empire 5 why not!