Characteristics of Spain is compromised

In the last era, Spain was a country with advanced gunpowder(AGE2)
In this era, it turned into a country characterized by the use of cold weapons
Previously only Spain could have Royal Spearmen , now Sweden also has them,
In addition, I found that when upgrading the age, I can choose to upgrade the spearman to the guard level and allow the empire level.

Aboriginal countries can also ship unique units
Rodelero and Lancer.

I think the uniqueness of Spain is compromised
Ask the production team to pay attention to this issue

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In AoE II Spain (Castille) represents the late medieval kingdom that colonized America, so goes to the late medieval time: it’s an advanced civ. But in AoE III they represent the Spanish crown in their higher hegemony and empire, so at the beggining/mid of the Modern era, that’s because they have more archaic units, but nice bonus representing their early arrival on the continent (faster shipments), the first to get the gold (fleet treasure card) and so on.

Yes, Tercio pikemen were unique (IDK if very useful at all) and now Sweden have royal upgrades and some civs can acces to the guard and imperial level, but keep on mind some important differences, just look if you send all related hc shipments to them:

Spanish pikemen
50% less train time
30% more attack
30% more hp
Buff by Inquisition missionaries
+10 LOS
Church upgrade: 25% more hp, but 15% movement slower

Plus you can make a total swap of all your pikemen to rodeleros with a card

15% more attack
30% more hp
Church upgrade: 10% movement faster, but 15% slower to train

Spanish pikemen still being the better

Spain characteristics being compromised. Meanwhile Aztec on the other side of the room…


I dont think it has been compromised, if fact I would say it has been improved upon.
Specially now with spanish gold making rods/lancer a very viable combo of and the papal guard giving guard xbows and pikes which is quite nice and it has really made spain far more unique now
How many times back on legacy would you see tercio pikemen on the field?


Before talking about history you could inform you before, in the 16th century Spain was the first that began to use firearms in mass in the wars of the Gran Capitan in Italy against the invincible French heavy cavalry, resulting in all European nations They will begin to adapt the arquebus and the musket on a regular basics for all their armies, even so the Spanish weapons remained more technologically advanced for a time and the formation of the tercios and professionalization of the army that the rest of the European nations did not have ( most was mercenaries ), so they had the Hegemony on the battlefields of Europe for 150 unbeatable years. But in the aoe 3, the same period in which I describe, we do not even have our famous arquebusiers or musketeers as a single unit, rodeleros typical of the Middle Ages to early 16Th , crossbowmen, lancers (these are more acceptable because they were bullfighters that in Napoleonic times used their picador skills such as cavalry with lance against the French infantry) the pikemen are a unit that causes laughter many times and the crossbowmen are the worst unit in the game as well as being another medieval unit, by the way the rodela and the sword stopped being used pretty soon in tercios formations. Spain was a modern nation from the 16th to the 18th century when it went into decline but in the game they want to represent it as a totally medieval civilization during all ages of the game, like which, yes, it’s wrong. The meta game of aoe3 is range units , and Spain have almost all of its units in the melee combat, making it very technical and difficult to use compared to the easy micro of other factions, it seems as if you are playing aoe2 vs aoe3 xD

the same reason they have a bad economy makes no sense until the industrial age if we get historically correct, but the black legend is the official version


I didn’t say that Spain didn’t have at some time a modern army or that they didn’t start to popularize firearms.

Just said that by design the devs choose to depict the crown by the very early conquest of Americas, all of this before the changes you said, just like the AI personality of Spain it’s Isabella, and the spanish are based on the time that the conquistadores went to Americas and to the beggining of the Tercios. I wouldn’t say a total medieval civ, just early modern age.

Economical wise, they have been very boostered by the new politician that grants crates with first age cards, and the change of the spanish treasure card.

I found no problem that the game it’s designed by sterotypes if they are not negative, and as spanish I don’t find that the spanish are depicted negatevely, just only in an early modern era, as some units of the germans (HRE) civ (doppelsoldners, hussite war wagons…)

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read descriptions of civilizations and u can find the negative sterotypes only in one civ , in another question , nobody whit high level uses logistician whit Spain , is a very bad option

yes, you’re right that the descriptions could be improved to show all atrocities of the colonizers.

But gameplay wise, it’s not like having the classical native american friend of animals hippie (somewhat fixed in DE) or the strelet zergling unit (fixed the portrait of the original in DE, but the gameplay is inspired on the Enemy at gates tv troop), while also having also Oprichniks (all the russian it’s designed to be evil)

Spain it’s more that the Morion helmet? yes, but it doesn’t have any negative connotations.

Speaking of the atrocities of the colonizers is what I referred to the black legend, the story they tell of Spain is a lie (READ ABOUT BLACK LEGEND) but they emphasize it well in the description of the civilization, however the Portuguese or English FOR EXAMPLE if you know something about history or about Numbers do not need to add anything else, in the description of these civilizations they are luminous beings of a superior intelligence. And in the same way they reflect it in the balances of the same game, whoever does not want to see it is because they do not want