Charge attack of chinaco is insane

I know Chinacos got nerfed recently, but personally I think their charge ability is still too broken. You can literally wipe out an army with the first hit of a Chinaco spam. The musketeers have a hard time even.

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Chinacos should not be nerfed in age II. Compared to 1.34x, 1.25x means it cant win a 1v1 vs hussar. Its expensive and it has lower hp. for 1v1 game’s balance, just nerf chinacos’ age IV but not age II and III.

the charge attack is age 3 card, presidial lancers/Lancero presidial Card. Np with age 2 chinaco stats

Its an age IV card. In age III they only have cav combat and +1x against inf.

They should lose vs Hussars as spanish lancers, naginatas and sowars do


20% RR 290HP
nagi:30% RR 300HP
They should have some advantages than nagi.

They dont have penalty vs heavy infantry like the others. They can have an advantage but being a counter for every unit cant be one of them


They have the penalty vs heavy inf in fact. There are seldom chances to send callberos shipments in 1v1 games. Their lower hp is enough.

But Im pretty sure that caballeros doesnt change the HI penalty to keep it x1 unlike asian cav HC cards

What i mean is that chinacos has 0.67x HI. Sure that caballeros will not change it, the nerf of caballeros is acceptable, but an 110f 90g cav in age II only has 290HP 20%RR 25atk is far away from excellent unit in 1v1 games. If there is a patch that buff it in age II and nerf it in age IV, it will be suitable. In my opinion caballeros is even balanced because there will be so many goons in age III.

Ladies, you’re talking about a cav unit that counters about everything.

  1. Lancers lose to non-lancer cav
  2. Lancers beat skirms faster
  3. Lancers way less base attack than huss

For age 2 sup: you have the advantage of having an age 2 skirm in your comp. You make cav when you see lots of bow units, not when you see other cav and therefore dont need any weird multipliers.

Age 3 sup: imo the unit should lose the cav multplier as soon as it gets caballeros in, but u never counter cav AND musk/skirm. You dont delete skirms and still kill hus too.

Age 4: the charge is the just the final top, making the unit broken eventually because it gets to hit first with multipliers against everything in their 2nd atk (with lancer range) and in ful Upgrades not even less attack than other huss, rather more.

Age 5: proportion like in age 4, unit maxes out at busted stats considering the multipliers.

Only reasonable conclusions:

  1. Caballeros removes cav multiplier upon shipping.

  2. People Who think chinacos should beat huss should study the unit counter system a bit longer

  3. Only because you as a Person cant make something work, it doesnt mean IT doesnt work. If youre not capable of winning with a civ or strat then spend your time figuring out how to do it better instead of asking for the game to make it easier for you (asking for broken units to stay broken for example)

In these forums for a dev its not clear in which elo or skill Level you walk. So if a lot of people draw wrong conclusions in a loud way due to lack of skills that leads to devs making wrong decisions that people with better understanding will quickly criticize. And atleast those people’s following will criticize too once they realize what the valid points are. Which leads to our well known cycle of patch → complain → Patch-> complain

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