CHARRO KILLS EVERYTHING / Make their bonus just anti light

no they dont, in fact they trade even better with hussar than charro in term of cost. and i keep saying all charro need is trade on pair with hussar. not better. without the multi, they trade worse, not on pair

Bro take a chill pill and learn to read. I said I (playing Mexican) force the dragoon player to take bad trades with the charros. That means I am not the one doing bad trades.

Maxicans don’t need the bonus on charros to deal with cavalry. So they don’t need the bonus at all.
I don’t see what the uhlans have to do with this. They are vastly different units. The only common thing being the horse


chill and be logical. no, dragoon will not trade wrost with charro than hussar, the charro is the one with less hp.

I just wrote whole 2 replies on this issue, explaining in your own Preset as encounter point. a simple thought experiment. Learn not only to read, learn some logic also, bro

I welcome you Indian sowars and mahouts…

You dont understand charro must be able to trade effectively into heavy cav. Mexico merely, sadly even has the limited anti cav options in age2 or first 6 minutes
Randomly age2 goon with 10% hp

As you can see unlike mighty russia with its rusket uhhh…tickling hand cav or japan nagis being balanced by infanty options mexico simply cannot function without its hand cav also being damn decent into hand cav


thats not my logic. tell that to the guy up there.

It is called “Dialectics”

where is the pike , halb, Doppelsoldner , the musks in MELEE, the azab, the CA in age2 with france, the CA in age2 with lakota, etc… in his logic saying such. if you cant follow thought you own logic on a discussion. dont.

people tend to think opponent unit is OP when lossing, without deeper analyzing of whole scene including eco. you will not locate the problem correctly or improve youself

What is the name of the website that you use for comparing?

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Units that multi-role effectively give you balance issues. Even so, they always have their staunch defenders.

The carded charros with all the cards are in level S.

They shred inf and have no problem dealing with cav. And it’s not that Mexico lacks other options…

The azaps are too strong with otto’s wood tricks. And it’s not that Otto lacks other options.

Jaguar warriors with promotions and stealth are broken. And in this case, there is a lack of options, but a broken unit with this mechanic is not the best solution.


on point, as said on above, give Mexican standard hussar, just like Spanish have BOTH lancer AND hussar, and THEN take out the charro x1.25 multi.

a way strike good game balance is to split the multi-role, not leave a hole in roles.
the above always said ohhh nonono, Mex got their Dragoon already, they do not need heavy cav to heavy cav fairly. if you really believe in the above sentence. just try to switch the subject and object.
“ohhh nonono, when i play Mex, the opponent got their Dragoon already, they do not need hussar to charros fairly”

they are not making any sense.

They dont need both, Japan and India have lancers while dont get Hussars counterparts. And Mexico have dragoons, onsurgentes and soldados to fight cavalry, there is no lack of roles


Chinacos [lancer cav type] are cav that kills infantry, so almost any infantry fight against them will result in loss.
Saying Chinacos are op just because you fight them with infantry is the same as saying Skirmishers are OP because you fight them with Musk.

I think this is only a knowing-the-game issue.


It’s just to compensate because they have less life and attack than other normal cavalry

Japanese Naginata in full condition also trade as well with hussar. so you just proved against you point.

Indian indeed, Sowar is not in good condition, it is trade atk as well but with 100hp short in term of the same cost in full condition. I would also like it to be buff hp by 7 to 8%, something like 235 to 240 base hp, but that is another post
Well, at least you have Deli for now.

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Cavalry with a bonus vs infantry should be worse vs regular cav though like the lancer is.


Yup, and they are worse [in pair at best] than regular cav, as I said Chinaco is a weak lancer yet is pretty expensive both for being a cav and for Mexican eco. Spanish lancers are the same price and have higher HP & attack vs infantry.

[STD Hussar vs Chinaco]

[Veteran Hussar vs Chinaco]


But they have a charged attack unlike the other ones. And naginatas and sowars bonus are vs light infantry, not all infantry. Chinacos are unfairly better vs everything


which is unlocked with a home city card besides the chinaco is more expensive and has longer training time

that is unrelated to the topic. we are talking above the multiple in heavy cav to heavy cav fight. refer to my calculation on above, the charge attack have been included in the comparison. actually, the charros need the charge attack so that they can on pair with hussur.

well i am not the one brought up Nagi and Sowar. If you really need to go after a lancer against general inf. I remind you to check my point on above: Spainish have its own hussar.

totally agree, Charge attack+ Caballeros card + fort fast training age up makes them insane. combined with Salteador make Mexico tier S civ in treaty. If we sum Conquistador and Aztec units literally u have a super army really hard to stop. The range cav doesn’t kill enough fast. Most of the time u will lost ur army when that unit is spammed. Maybe the best way to balance them is definitely nerfing the charge attack and reducing their multiplier vs heavy infantry.