Chat bugs

Hi Devs,

I wanted to point out some buggy aspects of the in game chat.
(1) When you are in game and someone not in that game sends you a chat message, you will still hear the sound as if you were in lobby. The ping-ish sound plays through your game.
(2) Messages from friends do not appear in game. Although this may be intentional, it conflicts with point 1 and it unusual in games. Typically friends can send messages while in game and a hotkey to reply is available.
(3) I can send chat messages to team in a 1on1 game, which makes no sense :slight_smile:
(4) I can’t mute people in game. I have to deal with trash talking and taunting until after the game before I can mute (block) someone. Although this is technically not a bug it would be much appreciated.

Just wanted to inform you. I get these are not high profile but would be nice quality of life features. Have a nice day.

These are great feedback items/suggestions. Very much appreciated!