Chat Censorship needs to be Toggable in game and in forums

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Lately I have been heavily bothered with ever increasingly Censorship in the chat. And the fact that you can’t even disable it.

I really don’t understand the practical purpose behind it, other than making non-english language and heck, even english language, much more difficult to communicate.
The Censorship seems to take words out of context and censor entirety of a word based on a persumed offensive word within that given word.

Such nonsense needs to go. It makes my own native language quite difficult to speak in Forums and in game chat without 1/3rd of it being covered by censorship.

Toxicity isn’t something that can be stopped with censorship. People will always find alternative means to “insult” the opponent.

Also “offensive words” Isn’t something that is set in stone, and is an ever-changing constant as time goes on.
What might not be offensive today, may be offensive tomorrow.
And if this keeps going on, well in the end, we won’t be able to speak at all.

So please do something about this. Communication is our most important tool as human beings.
Let us who have thick enough skin and maturity enough be allowed to Disable any sort of “chat filter” be it in the games, or on the forums.

At the very least, if you are planning to proceed with this intense Censorship.


I’d like if they’d at least revert the change where it retroactively censors text within the post instead of only what is displayed. Right now if it picks out a portion of a hyperlink that it thinks is offensive it corrupts the entire link even when editing as the original poster. It has corrupted links to images so that I haven’t been able to find them again which is really frustrating.

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The one reason why I refuse to buy any newer Age titles. That includes DE. We have been saying this for years. Make it optional. You don’t listen to your community? Fine, no money. F 0ff.

To begin with all censorship should be turned on or off by user. Its not microsofts or developers responsibility to decide decisions like this. If I want to see all the shit show that goes in chat then I should be.

Even better add in game filter so players can decide themselves what words are censored and what are not.

I think they should have their chat filter on by default, but give people the option to disable it. Hide it in a settings menu that’s fine, just give the option at least.