Chat Delay and Random Freezing

Since the last patch, whenever I want to send anything in any chat it takes around 20-30 seconds to send, which is a lot and very annoying, I cant even answer anything properly because in the mid time something else has happened.

Also the game suddenly freezes when searching games, ranked or casual games menu, but mostly in the middle of the game, most of the time when/after someone else resigns, then it freezes for around 20 seconds and when it finally recovers, what happened in that time “catches up” with the actual game really fast but as you can imagine 20-30 seconds freeze can make the difference in the middle of a battle, or at any moment actually, so it really ruins the game for me, none of this had ever happened before until the last patch, my computer has all the requirements to run the game properly since the game came out so I don’t think that’s the problem, I tried verifying the integrity of the files on steam and lowering graphic quality but it didn’t help, Alt + Tab doesn’t help as quick fix either, hope there’s a solution.