Chat messages not working in game


I have been playing the game for a few months now. But since the last ~3-5 days I noticed that my chat messages are not reaching other players.

I received multiple chat messages from my in game friends, but even when I respond to them they dont seem to be getting any of my messages.

My game tag is atreus7275 and this is on the version 7.0.5861.0 from xbox app on windows. Please help!

Hey @atreus7275! I’m unsure why this may be; your best bet here is probably to contact support with your warnings.log file. Thanks!

I’ve had the same problem… using Steam

Hi, I have the same issue, people can’t read what I type ( Error 6 / 4100 / 4101). Any solution has been found yet?
I bought the game on the microsoft store (not steam)