Cheap units but ongoing cost

Not a change I would want in the game but as a mod.

It would be interesting to have real cheap units, Say 10% of the cost they are now but with a continuous cost. Dont want to put a number on it but lets say X% of cost per minute. It would reflect more a real life cost in maintaining an army.
Further instead of deleting a unit and giving experience to an opponent, a unit could be disbanded, making the unit disappear so you dont have to pay the ongoing cost (BIG BRAIN - Pay out the unit to become a villager or pay a villager to become a military unit).
If you dont have the resources to pay for the units ongoing costs then they could have a chance to autodisband or go rouge, becoming an aggressive Gaia unit or worse! become an enemy unit.

I know this would completely change how AOE3 would be played and potentially makes it into a different game all together. This is more a thought experiment at this point then something that should actually made.

Do you mean hot air balloons?Only he fits this position.
Or the hero can try

Those units would likely just never be trained.
Upkeep costs is a very bad ide for RTS games. You already pay a lot just to replace units that die.

All this would encourage is Rush gameplay, where you would train a million units, and just send them in in man-wacves, to die before they started become cost-inneficient, and that kind of gameplay is unengaging, lacks strategy.

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I mean all military units.

We already have rush gameplay. I get your point though, but if the % per minute was low enough then It would be still be still worth keeping units around to defend.
Potentially all this would do is speed up the game, which is fast enough as it is generally.

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Warcraft 3 had this. Needless to say its multiplayer was replaced by dota lol.