Cheat Code to Unlock All Campaign Scenarios

There have been bugs where all campaign progress is erased, particularly when switching between the different patches to watch old recorded games. When this happens I need to use the I R WINNER cheat code to unlock all of the scenarios again. It would be nice if there were a cheat code or launch option to “unlock all” scenarios. That would save me a few headaches next time the game deletes my progress.

Even better would be not deleting the campaign progress, but this at least would help. :slight_smile:


You should make a report on the bug forum. I don’t know about changing between the patches but it shouldn’t be deleting your progress at all. Perhaps as a temp solution until your problem is fixed through the correct channel would be to back up you gameplay data in a separate folder before you change the patch. Then replace the appropriate file and start the game. This would avoid the reset but not sure how trophies would work.

it worked by using a Downgrade tool, i’m using the one from GregStein and it work so well for me and i has the same issue as T-west here with me losing all campaign progress.

I can see why people want this. I am fine with it, as long as it wont count for the steam achievements, which require some scenario stuff. There is no reason to repeat a campaign, because the game goes wild and all your progress is erased.

I once had all the campaign progress lost and restored, by using a backup player profile (the .nfp file in the same folder as hotkey iirc)

Maybe @GregRising could take a look?

@ PilgrimHYR & TWest6709
Maybe @GregRising could take a look?

if I’m not mistaken campaign progress is saved and can be manipulated in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata”. Just back up that folder and restore it back when you lose progress, game settings, hotkeys.