Cheat units in Scenario Editor

As we all know, AoE1 had the best cheats ever.

In AoE Gold you could not add them to player teams in the Scenario Editor though. I hope we will be able to do that in AoE DE for some truly crazy (and possibly highly nuclear) scenarios!

AOE1 scenario editor had some weird units.

The mercenary, for example, was a Heavy Cavalry that had no vision.
And there was the demon, that was simply a heavy cavalry that was invisible. I’ve seen countless scenarios where people would use them as “natural hazards”

Yeah, I hope they keep the cheats. Great fun!

That would be rich. Completely revamp the game, yet leave 20 year old bugs inside…

They weren’t bugs lol. :slight_smile: my fav was the baby on a tricycle that blew everyone away… I used them when I played my cousins online - they were only fun occasionally - not for serious play imo.

Haha cool… Having never played it before, I really hope I get the opportunity sooner rather than later

:slight_smile: I think you’ll love it. No nexting.

Would be fun if they add an option to make our “own” units in the scenario editor. I mean like that you could take a unit and modify its stats like meele/ranged and if ranged what projectile does this unit use and so on. The save it up and put it into the world. I think this would put some surprises in community made maps.

Well technically you can still add cheat units to teams in the editor with gold edition. You just gotta know a couple tricks…

Is the Women/Cavalry/catapult thing a cheat unit?

Units like the photon man, nuke trooper, and big daddy cars are cheat units.

I think you are thinking about the Jack-be-nimble cheat that made all normal catapults throw villagers, cows, and supermen. :smile:

Hope the new AOE will have cheats too. :wink:

Interesting. I guess cheats will always be used and exploited. I personally don’t use them.