Cheater alert - Touhami31 / Vaultecdude

Came across this guy who uses 2 accounts to cheat. He played with Touhami 31, and used his Vaultec account to help. Vaultec account disconnected after a short while, and he had infinite maxed out resources immediately.


AoE 4 World profile: touhami31 – AoE4 World

Xbox Live profile: Sign in to your Microsoft account

Alternate profile (Vaultecdude):

Looks like he may also be using other alt’s including Anti LGBT 01 – AoE4 World, and Anti LGBT 06 – AoE4 World


They need to adress this ASAP before the team ladder becomes unplayable on certain elos.
Thanks for reporting this here so they can see it and respond to it.

Seen; thanks all! Please use in-game tools to report when you can.

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