Cheating in ranked game

I have just played a ranked game. For some reason, the player was able to enable cheats and spammed tons in the first minute. No idea how they did it. What details or proof do I need to share? I am not sure how to upload the replay.

Hi @CarvedPen792400, Please use the reporting tool in game as much as possible. If for some reason you are unable to report another player using the in game reporting tool, please send an email to and the team will review it. Calling out another player on these forums is against the forum code of conduct.


Hi @anon63664082

Can you please be more specific? What does calling a player out mean? Are we not allowed to say what other players did? I have not mentioned players name, so I am not sure what your complaint is with regards to?

On second point. I Am not sure if Ingame reporting works. I pressed the exclamation mark symbol and nothing happens. I am not sure if that is or isn’t what is supposed to happen. Therefore have no idea if the game gets sent to developers.

If a player has found a way to circumvent in game cheats for ranked then I think it should be reported on forum as it poses significant issues for all and it seems like a serious bug.


You are not allowed to just say someone is a cheater on the forum. That is part of ‘calling a player out’.

Like RadiatingBlade said: To report a cheater you have some options:

  1. Use the ingame reporting tool. I have to say it is sometimes bugged (like you noticed, the button didnt worked). This bug is already reported as bug, so i hope the devs will fix this bug soon. Also i dont know if you will hear anything from the staff if you report someone.

  2. Send someone of the Staff a private message (PM). For example: Send it to RadiatingBlade. He can explain the right data needed so he / the team can have a look at it.

  3. Send a mail to and the team will help you by mail to gather the data to investigate your claim.

Option 1 isnt possible any more, so use option 2 or optioin 3 to contact the devs, so they can investigate your claim. Ofcourse if someone cheat, he needs to be punished.

Just a quick question about your game: You are sure it was random map and not death match? With Death Match you start with many resources and you can floot army from the start. What you describe sounds like a death match game.

You can make a couple of good screenshots of cheating and rage about the cheater on reddit. Maybe you will find more people, who have been impacted by him.

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I am sorry, who have I called out exactly.

Saying someone was cheating is not calling someone out. I have not named or tagged anyone. If it is an issue the guidelines should say that you must not report cheating on the forum. Furthermore saying someone was cheating in this case is fact, not opinion.

Someone has figured out how to exploit the cheat system In ranked play, it should be reported in the forum. It’s not an opinion, it is a statement of fact.
It will adversely affect people if it is not rectified quickly.

Make the guidelines on calling someone out explicit, do not randomly apply unclear rules. It’s a poor approach and unacceptable.

Focus on fixing the exploit not on censoring.

Also yes I checked it was not a death match. On the replay the player also had a population limit of 1000.

Anyway I have no idea how these exploits work.

Mmmmh, if it’s true then it’s evil :-/

I always felt AoE2 was a mostly cheater free game. In years of HD I only felt like three our four times that I clearly witnessed cheating (and in two of those cases I have a replay that seems to prove it) - but that’s quite a good rate considering that I played like 800+ matches in HD.

I agree. I always thought the rules were saying ‘don’t accuse a specific person of cheating.’ I.e., don’t say someone is cheating AND give their name, handle, or some other identifying information.

That has always been my interpretation of “calling someone out,” both inside this forum and in real life outside of it. Colloquially, I think most everyone would say the same thing?

I’ve never heard it calling someone out when just speaking in vague, general terms; where a person is not identified. It seemed like a valid question to me that could help you out, and others if they ever have the same question. That’s just my two cents. Maybe I’ve always misinterpreted the intent of the forum rule?

I guess one roundabout indirect way it could be calling someone out is if there is a website that tracks every match that gets played, where people could look up your name and see who you recently played? I mean, that’s a bit of a stretch… but maybe?

The obvious problem with calling someone out, in the classical sense you and I know the phrasing, is the potential for false accusations, of course. Not saying that happened in your case, but it is a concern. I always cringe when someone makes an accusation on the forum and posts their name, because there are often two sides to every story… and it might not always be cheating despite how it looks. By posting their name, the accusation is made and the other person may never be able to defend themselves. If they were wrongfully accused, their name now has a stigma, which is sad.


Even more of a reason to investigate when it happens.

This is indeed probably the reason why they dont want you to use the forum to communicate about cheaters. A false positive can be negative for the other guy.

@CarvedPen792400 Just send your proof to @anon63664082 in Private Message or send a mail to If you dont know how to send your proof or what info might be needed: Send those questions instead the proof. The team will have a look to your proof if you send it that way.

They just dont want to have such discussions on this forum. They want to handle those cases in private. So just send a PM or mail to the team. They will look into it.


This isn’t a topic for continued discussion. Closing it now.