Cheats all over now killing the online game

Continuing the discussion from WTF. already cheat program for AoE DE:

It does work, just had a ■■■■■■■ FFA and the guy kept building ■■■■ even tho I had slaughtered all his villagers I mean proper pumping em out non stop… I killed off player 1 but then 30 mins in player 1 started attacking my gold mines all over the map 15 mins after ■■■■■■■ resigning!!! Cba playing online with this ■■■■…

Earlier I had one “pro” tool rush me and know exactly where my base was pumping out axe men yet when I quit he had same number villagers and same tool time… just not possible to have the resources to do this!!

Did you filter the MP game selection with the option cheats disabled?

Some kiddos change it right before the start back to enabled. It should retrigger approval and you should see this in the overview screen at start and then can at least report them for doing that. Some report functionality would be nice for sure. Or some kind of fair play vote system (stars).

I don’t know what the developers could do about this except hiding the game process, but that could be troublesome for good third party applications.

Maybe they can think out something new, a solution that would prohibit such abuse by whitelisting the hashes of processes that are allowed to interfere with their process and inject or do things.


I understand alot of people don’t want to believe that their are trainers out there (cheat programs) but there is, simple google searches, or searches on youtube lead you to direct links of “trainers” even found a trainer for this most recent update. I’ve noticed a long long time ago that there was hacks. Same people game in game out would “sync” the game when losing. Yet when not played with said person, game runes fine. Only when “insert name here” would be in the game even with ping as low as 42 said person had. game would sync when buddy was about to lose. this is even before ELO was introduced recently. Or people pumping units with no economy and you having the highest kill/loss ratio. I have pretty much quit the game realising that nothing has changed in 20 years. same nerds that can’t micro properly still needing to hack. people can argue till they are blue in the face stating "there are no hacks, but I beg the differ.

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I have to add, if you suspect cheating, check achievements and timeline and itll show. (no economy = yet has unlimited resources seems like and keeps pumping. Low villager count, Kill Death Ratio) if dude has no economy low villagers, you have economy, higher kill loss and way more villagers yet ur out of resources and hes still producing men hes hacking.