CHina Fast Taxes | Resources are float numbers but Taxes not


after watching SOTL latest video about the wheelbarrow for the Chinese and what impact it has on Taxes, it made me thinking, what if…


Resources are float numbers. So if a Villager chopping a tree for 0.1 seconds, it is roughly 0.1 wood he is holding. However only integer numbers are displayed in the HUD and the Tax is also an integer number.

Which leads us to the exploit(?) that you can drop 0.1 food (any resource works) but collect 1 Tax with the Imperial Officer. With god micro skills 1 sheep is then also ~250 Gold worth.

I don’t know if this is intended or actual useful in a real game, because you have to click crazy around but interesting nevertheless.

Video showcase (Age of Empires IV QA | CHina Fast Taxes Exploit? | Resources are float numbers - YouTube)


Pretty sure you lose more food than you get in gold doing this. Taxes work as 1 tax per dropoff no matter the amount of resources.

Indeed. The resource I gather suffer from this but imagine you have 10 villagers on stone/gold and do this method.
10 gold every ~2 seconds = 300 gold/min. There is a cooldown for the supervisor to collect all of that but technically an almost infinite gold gain.

So, in terms of tournaments, maybe a word from the Devs @SavageEmpire566 ? Is it intentional / fine or an exploit?

The number of officials is capped, and the rate of tax collection from a particular building is capped. Shouldn’t be too difficult to run the numbers to find the absolute maximum gold/min from taxes. Keep in mind, that resource dropoff is not instantaneous. The animation a villager must play through to drop off is somewhere around 1/8 and 1/4 of a second. I imagine the officials have a similar pickup/dropoff animation time that would need to be factored into the calculation.

I would say that you already hit the nail on the head:

One could argue this is a small exploit, but there’s very little reward for the micro work needed here.

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