China Great Wall Gate house

This landmark might be too strong?? Check it.

Directly attacking this landmark with units is suicide. Its 2 NOBs with 5000hp. Effectively it’s a keep that needs to be destroyed.

Secondly and its kinda a secret tech is the 25% range damage on ALLLL walls, yes all!! This means if you make small 45 stone segments in the middle of the battlefield and enemy is far enough away so it allows you to delete a section their allowing you a lil perch where your range units get +2 range 66% dmg reduction AND 25% damage buff AND your trebs can hide behind this wall segment? Your 5.5 range 42 attack HCs become 7.5, virtually invincible, 51 attack MONSTERS!!

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Maybe you should ask the main Chinese players?

It’s a nice landmark, but it’s also a landmark from the Age of Empires, where you should have a decent army and some siege weapons. Compared with the landmarks of other civilizations in the era of empires, the strength of the Great Wall Gate is really not too OP.


Everygame I proceed to start building mighty stone wall from my base to opponents base and when I reach imperial opponent cannot just ignore the wall but have to run alongside it while my mighty handcannoneers shoot their army and gate house destroys their base with the nuclear missile nob placements. 100% winrate with this strategy no counter can be made against this. Meme strategy away and on serious note.

Its ■■■■. Simple as that. Not even monkey would run their units to gate house. Offensive gatehouse is meh just make 1 treb and its dead and did nothing. I personally prefer placing it near my farmville to zone out raiders and protect food eco and it won’t get killed by single siege unit.

Bonus on ranged units on wall is meh also. No one is going to bother starting building wall and assuming they can just delete it mist of battle. There is requirements that do not allow players to do it for example if wall is damaged then you cant delete it. Top of that there is nothing stopping opponent just walking around or disengaging or simply just insta shotting the wall.