China Great Wall Gatehouse resources not refunded when build cancelled while attacked

So I’ve encountered this bug a number of times now in ranked play and, at first, I wasn’t 100% sure that it wasn’t due to the enemy actually destroying it before I could cancel it, but after a few more times happening I am 100% sure this is a legit bug.

Basically, when you’re constructing the Great Wall Gatehouse landmark, and then an enemy starts attacking it, if you CANCEL the build, you are NOT refunded the 2400/1200 food/gold. I haven’t done any testing but it may be this only occurs when the building is quite low on remaining health (<20%) and currently getting attacked. I haven’t seen this issue when the construction is >40% complete because, usually, it’s better to just let it finish even if getting attacked, since non-siege units cannot continue attacking it when it’s finished. Also, this bug DOESN’T occur if the enemy is NOT actively attacking it (as far as I can tell).

This is actually a fairly significant little bug for China, as this could very well be in a critical point in the game where that 2400/1200 food/gold will significantly hurt you.

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this? I only noticed this since last patch.

Thats for all buildings. You only get all resources back if u cancel the buikdung before its attacked.