China is the worst?

I always have lack of gold, the worst civ, it seems only the fire lance rider worth…

Most civs dont have extra ways to produce gold, china has their officer to boost gold mining or to collect. China is the best late game civ but they tend to struggle in feudal vs aggression although as the meta has slowed down since launch, China has been somewhat popular on ladder lately.

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what are you talking about??? every other civ except china has some way to boost gold. the english have their farm boost, the mongols and the french have that ridiculous trade, etc…

French have no trade boost to gold if they go school of Chivalry unless it’s a water trade map. Abbasid and mongol bonuses require trade access, which is unreliable on many 1v1 maps, Delhi only gets it with sacred sites, HRE with relics from a specific landmark.
England and Rus are the only civs that can always get infinite gold if they hit imp (excluding China tax collecting which is pretty slow tbh). Other civs rely on access to gold mines and/or trade.

French have no trade bonus regardless for which Landmark they go … I wonder if this was patched already or not? Many people find out that the actual +30% gold income didnt work so the landmark is basicily only a trade post

The tax collection is not that bad, if you carefully design a building layout surround the Imperial Academy and let villagers carry food to mills instead of TC, you can have ~400 gold/min with 50 farmers. That’s basically on par with the England’s Land Circling tech (sorry idk what it’s called in English version), just a bit more random. With the latest update’s new 15 sec cooldown time, it could even reach to 800 gold for a minute or two if you saved the tax for a while.

50 farmers for English is just shy of 1000 gpm, the issue is partly with the pathing of the imperial officer and that you are limited to so few. Also I doubt 50 farmers generate that much gpm for china, since that’s 200 food dropoffs per min assuming its in the range of the imperial academy.

I stand corrected, I remembered the English tech as 1 gold for 8 sec for some reason, turns out it’s actually 3.5 sec. But 400~800 is really possible for Chinese though, I’ve read a lot of layout designs posts regarding the Imperial Academy. You can fit 50 farms, 3 granaries and 8 mills inside it’s influence zone.