China Trade Tax Still Missing

Hello, I thought I reported this before the hotfix, but can’t find it, maybe I’m crazy. Regardless, the Chinese markets (and docks) still do not register their tax since the patch. Major problem. Just making sure this is logged.

To be clear, the markets will log the rebate tax (4 or 8) for making traders. Just no 10% or 20% for the trade. Probably related to the revamped trade system. ( Presumably it ought to be 20% & 40% of the new pop-up amount above market since that is half the trade of before). My elaborate 5 markets lined up at bottom of the imperial tax zone to get the 20% get nothing! I hope this can be fixed.

The tooltip still says we get that tax, which I hope is still the plan.

I can upload a video of the docks too, but it is the same idea.

Thanks for reading.