China Version

I think the current version of China is still a weak and small country.
That’s why?
Starting need 60 extra wood to send 3 villagers
No 400 Wood Update Choice
Summer Palace recovery the cost need to 7min.It’s so slow.Only in the future can we make money
Rely on the Banner Army.It’s weakly against Cavalry

How to solve?
1:Village reduce Animal husbandry amount to one.We can speed 300Wood 300Gold increase to 5.Animal husbandry keep 100% efficiency.One goat for each village built.Village cost reduce to 175Wood

2:The Summer Palace send a Banner Army for free.Send speed equal the War academy 200%.Now Summer Palace can Train the Castle Mongolian Army and BlackFlagArmy.If you want to get more free Banner Army.You can use the 300 Wood and 300 Gold.Train Speed equal the War adademy 300%

3:Let Chinese Age3 Villager card to age2

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Chinese Age3 Villager card should be moved to age2. It’s weird that Chinese civ doesn’t has eco boom strategy in age2.