China vs Inca - Hopeless for China

Inca can boom faster and rush faster and eco faster. China’s cav has low hp and almost seems weak compared to Inca’s units. Chimu destroy China’s slow units and Economy and cannons.

ONLY unit Ive seen worth it is rattan shields vs bowman etc. anybody have different experiences?

Just go for standard ff with the confucian academy and ship the 9 chu ko nu in transition if u get pressured too much.
You will get 8 arquebusiers once you hit age 3 and you can time it with the Asian version of the minuteman from the tc.
From there u can just spam units
China looses to most things if they play age 2 but their age 3 army is OP and can pretty much beat anything


The problem with this play is the early Incan rush of a few pikes and bowman really suck.

This is why you want to ship the chukonu after 700g.
As long as you don’t loose vills you should be fine.
Just make sure to put the villages behind your tc