Chinese early game can’t strengthen and weaken the late game???
Tell me 400 Food get New Army Card?
What happen?

They heavily buffed China in this patch. Now you can get all German Consulate trickles by Age 3.

New Army is just never going to get used, even for free, because Age 2 Changdao and Arquebusier, are not significantly better the Qiang and Chuks they replace.
I would rather send in Mandarin Duck Squad, 700 Gold or Mongolian Scourge, instead.


The Sioux and Sweden do not need to consume resources to change the army


There are going to be new builds around the consulate trickles and the 300export that will make china very viable in the commerce age or even making a more sustained semi FF.

New army is a useless card, since Arquebusier are weaker than Chu ko nu in the 2nd age.

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To be honest, New Army needs a rework.
It should GIVE you a bunch of Changdao and Arquebusiers, not CHange your units to a slightly different flavour.

French Tiralleurs card makes sense, if you have too many Crossbows, and you want to upgrade them, because Crossbows have no Guard upgrade, but French Skirms have Royal Guard, so you do not have unapgradable units that do not scale anymore, as French.

New Army does not help in the same way, because ALL units involved have up to Imperial upgrades, so you have no reason to pay Food for the change, or to even send the card at all.

Eh I dont think 300 exports is the way to go for that since its only worth 1 of the trickle which is worth like 3 vils at best, and if you have to delay going for the german consulate to get 300exports in to maximise the savings, its too slow and I would rather get the -15% food savings immediately.

To me its more something you just get as the game goes rather then try to get it early.

Yeah New army still needs some work, it might be useful as a sort of feint semi-ff to get the opponent to stay in age 2 while you age up to get instant upgrades but its hard to pull off tbh.

It is worth it, since it is 3 unraidable Vills that always give you resources, no matter what.
After all 3 trickles, it is 9 Vills worth of resources, 3 for each.

Even Factories cannot compete with that efficiency.

no they have different values

I think 2 vils for food
3 for wood
2 for gold
edit: based on unupgraded vils, worth less when you get market upgrades
I do agree with the unraided thing but its more that it takes really long to pay off and tbh if im going consulate age 2 then 6 upgraded musks or if Im really greedy the GFA + 300export into crates sounds better.
I think the german consulate is a lot more passive.

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The 300 export is for the 2nd/3rd trickle and to change into the British consulate.

But the German consulate also gives you a discount on banner armies, which for colonial play when you still dont have that much of an economy i think is incredible.

This can make viable not getting the northern refugees as the first card

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It was me who suggested the german consulate changes to China. The goal is to give China options for Age 2 play, without directly buffing their Fast Fortress build.

Usually Fast Fortress sends 700 gold, 700 wood or 700 gold, unit shipment, 700 wood.

With the new german consulate changes, China can send 700 wood, 300 Export, ally with Germany and send Wood + Food trickle. Combined, these trickles add up to about 4 and a half unupgraded villagers. So this is comparable to a 4 villager shipment. Ontop of this, the german consulate makes all banner armies cost 20% less food, which adds up the more you build. Once you reach age 3, you can add the coin trickle which was locked behind Age 4 so no one ever used the coin trickle.

For those of you who are interested in the raw numbers:
Food trickle is 1.5 food/second, Wood and coin trickle are both 1.25/ second. Obviously they don’t scale like villagers do with market upgrades.

This should allow China to put on some preassure in Age 2 and transition into some sort of semi-FF with some nice economy.

I hope you enjoy my balance patch and I’m looking forward to see more variety from China thanks to my suggestions.


hmm now you say it in vil terms, there might be a role for the new trickles in a really greedy FF actually.

The no coin china FF can now send 300 exports and get an additional 6 vils on top of the 8 from the porcelain tower age up as well.

I did play extensively with China Age 2 GFA + 300 export. The thought process is simply, these 2 cards give you 3 french crates, which is 500 food, wood and coin each. And ontop it makes german trickles only cost 150 export instead of 250 export, which is great.

Ultimately, this build is extremely greedy and takes a long time to pay off. China is not a civ thats able to boom and you always have to watch what other civs can do in the same time. You can do some sort of fast-fortress build with GFA + 300 export, but its going to be way slower, like more than 1 minute slower than standard 700 coin + 700 wood, so its not viable on the highest level where timings are important.

Nevertheless, I think German consulate Age 2 play has potential. You could also argue that saving GFA until you have 540 export is a 1500 ressource shipment, you could send this in Age 3. But would you rather spend 540 export and 1 shipment on 500 food, 500 wood and 500 coin, or spend 400 export on 6 Redcoats in Age 3? Probably Redcoats. Then again, GFA makes your Age 4 factory shipment only cost 381 export instead of 800 export. This is a massive deal.

In conclusion, this patch has given China lots of options. Its not always easy to say whats the best. This is what makes a good patch in my opinion and I’m happy the devs implemented the german consulate changes exactly as I suggested.

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Yeah the GFA + 300export is a memey build order I mostly use to play against the AI.

What I am imagining however is the age up where you don’t put any vils onto the wonder in age 1 but put all the vils that you can to coin so that you get 1k coin by the time you get to age 2, gather food then age up. You usually save a shipment this way and usually send 700 wood only to get to age 3.

But with this you can potentially go with 300 exports as well for the ultigreed and then get all the trickles for that 14 vil age up to age 3