*************** Picture says it all ***************


What’s the point with this thread?


When people will start to talk you will understand everything

How about you explain what it is that you mean considering you are the one who have created this as of right now pointless thread?

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Uhh… China. Yep, that’s a nation.


That’s indeed China’s pop-out summary.


I think I’m about half way through the China mastery line.


Do I really need to explain?

Someone think it’s perfect. lol

Are you saying the nest of bees is too powerful or not powerful enough? No need to be so cryptic, this a forum about debates. Not riddles.

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I think they’re trying to say that they’re cool as hell looking.

I’m saying every game they get that unit very early (age 3) and it kills everything with its artillery extremely fast and it’s not that expensive

I’ve found the best way to counter then early on is either springalds or around 3-4 horsemen per nest of bees. Tossing over a ton of cavalry will usually just end up in a slaughter, so a few that are spaced out usually do the job. If they’re well guarded mangonels always work since the nest of bees has to fire at such a close range. Best thing to do is either retreat behind walls or away in general if you don’t have anything to deal with them at the time.

As for their price, I agree they’re substantially cheaper than they should be. Artillery of such a high standard should be a lot more expensive than a mangonel of springalds. Since it also fires more than one shot there’s a much larger chance to hit since it can turn after every rocket. Maybe less accuracy would be a nice balance change.

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Speaking of China I feel that dynasty thing is not as strong as it should be with all that time, village work and money you spend when it is supposed to be your nations specialty.

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I have no clue what OP is trying to say, but somehow this makes this thread the funniest one on the forum right now.

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I got killed by it once again now, he used 10 of these with high ground, it’s just always win the fights, it sucks.

oh, so that’s what you meant.
The Chinese are a late game civ. Early on they’re one of, if not THE weakest faction in the entire game. Before the castle age, they especially struggle against armored targets. So harass them early and don’t let them build 10 artillery units in peace (they’re quite expensive)

Anyway, nest of bees were broken in the beta but now they aren’t that OP. Don’t put all your units in a single mass, use the spread formation. Charge the artillery with your cav, or if they went full spears go springalds.