Chineese in Nomad

Do you find it fair that chineese dont have their extra vills in nomad ?

They appear when you build your TC like Mayans

they get their extra villagers when the tc is built. its just to prevent cheese.

What is cheese?..

using your extra villagers to attack the enemy villagers for example.

Not only cheese, but look at the following:

  • More starting vills means already more exploration of the map, which is a huge benefit on Nomad.
  • More starting vills also means TC is build much faster.
  • More starting vills also means you will also be ahead in those stupid vill fights (this point is considered as cheese, for years the unwritten rule was no vill fights before TC is up)

In the end more starting vills is just a very strong bonus on Nomad. To counter this they only get their vills when the the TC is up.