Chinese a way for powerful the age 2

Chinese army in age 2 is so weak.Please let it more powerful!
Basic:Iron flail:300:HP,Damage:20

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I hope someone can give me some suggestions

I suggest you go to esco community and look up China records at high levels. Look up mitoe he plays China from time to time look up azamik he also plays china from time to time. Very high level players playing against other high level players. This might help?


China has very few good units in age 2 but their age 3 is very very strong.

The good news is that CKN’s are pretty solid units and pikes while nowhere near as good as muskets, they do have cover mode over them which can help absorb a lot of ranged fire if the opponent isn’t fielding much cavalry so they aren’t completely dead weight. Most super early attacks come in the form of heavy infantry which plays into China’s strongest part of their age 2.

Do keep in mind though, that China’s anti cavalry options in general aren’t great throughout the game. British Muskets and shipped Manchu are good substitutes but unless you get lucky can’t be trained. The Keshik/Pikeman army, is relatively poor, but can work in a pinch. Just be mindful that Keshiks have ranged resistance so don’t do great if Hussars are allowed near them and will actually lose per cost without cards unless you can keep them out of melee.

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True, Territorial Armies and Flamethrowers just destroy anything really fast.

Thanks.That’s why I can’t create Keshik.Ming army I think it’s weakly